Must-see for beginners!

Nowadays, color contact lenses are used casually by everyone, but for beginners, there are many things they don't know, such as how to use them or how to put them on.

Are they really safe?" "Isn't it scary to put something in my eyes?" Many people may feel anxious. However, with the right knowledge and once you get the hang of it, color contact lenses are incredibly convenient.

So this time, we will introduce the correct way to use color contact lenses, from preparations to be done before putting them on, how to put them on and take them off, and even aftercare such as how to clean them, so that you can feel at ease knowing how to use color contact lenses properly


Things to do before putting on color contact lenses


Part 1: Trim your nails When handling color contact lenses, use the pad of your finger gently to put them on and take them off, avoiding the use of your fingernails. However, if your nails are long, it may cause problems such as the lens not fitting properly or being difficult to remove. Trying to forcibly remove the lens because it's not coming off properly can also lead to scratching the eyeball with your nails, causing discomfort. Furthermore, when removing or caring for the lenses, be careful not to scratch or tear them with your nails, as this could damage them.


Part 2: Wash your hands Touching the lenses with dirty hands can cause the dirt to adhere to the lenses, leading to discomfort or even causing trouble when wearing them. Furthermore, while it's ideal to wear color contact lenses before applying makeup, extra caution is needed when you must wear them after applying makeup. Since there is a risk of dirt, such as foundation, being present, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, including the palms, fingers, and under the nails.


Part 3: Check the lenses before opening Color contact lenses have an expiration date. First, check to see if the expiration date has passed. The expiration date of color contact lenses is indicated on the package along with the abbreviation "EXP," which stands for "Expiration date." Additionally, check for any defects such as damage to the lenses. Also, for those using lenses with different degrees of astigmatism or other differences between the left and right eyes, it is necessary to confirm that the correct degree is being used.


How to properly put on color contact lenses


STEP 1: Remove moisture from your fingers before touching the lenses

Handling the lenses while your fingers are wet can cause them to stick to your fingers, making them difficult to put on.

Moreover, there's a possibility of lens swelling or discoloration if tap water comes into contact with the lenses. Additionally, there's a risk of infection due to microorganisms in tap water.

For ease of wearing and to ensure eye health, always remove moisture from your fingers before handling the lenses.

STEP 2: Removing the lenses Gently remove the lenses from the packaging. Be careful not to forcefully remove them or allow your nails to touch them, as this could cause the lenses to become damaged. Lenses are delicate, so handle them with care.


STEP 3: Check the front and back of the lenses and for any dirt Lenses have a front and back side. After placing the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand, carefully inspect it to ensure it's not inside out. A simple way to distinguish is if the lens forms a clean bowl shape when placed on your finger, it's the correct way; if it's inverted, it's inside out. Also, at this time, visually inspect the lens for any scratches or dirt. If you accidentally wear the lens inside out, remove it immediately.


STEP 4: Hold down the lower eyelid Once the lens check is complete, it's time to start wearing them. First, using the middle finger of your dominant hand with the lens on it, gently pull down the lower eyelid.


STEP 5: Hold down the upper eyelid as well With your other hand (the one without the lens), hold down the upper eyelid. This prevents inadvertently closing your eyes while inserting the lens, so hold it firmly upwards.


STEP 6: Gently place the lens onto the iris while looking in the mirror Position the mirror directly in front of you with your iris facing straight ahead. Carefully approach your eye with the lens while looking at it in the mirror. Avoid forcefully pressing or attempting to wear the lens forcibly, as it will naturally fit with the moisture of the eyeball.


STEP 7: Confirm for any discomfort, and you're done! Once the lens is in your eye, remove your finger and check in the mirror to ensure it's positioned correctly on the iris. Once you've confirmed it's correctly placed, blink slowly a few times to allow the lens to settle on your eye. If there's no discomfort in your eye, you're all set!


The correct way to remove color contact lenses


STEP 1: Thoroughly wash your hands.

Just like when inserting them, wash your hands thoroughly beforehand to ensure they are clean before touching the lenses. Additionally, for those wearing makeup, always remove the lenses before using cleansing or makeup remover.


STEP 2: Check the position of the lenses in the mirror.

Look straight into the mirror and confirm where the lenses are and whether they are securely attached.


STEP 3: Hold open the eyelids with your fingers.

Start by using the middle finger of your dominant hand to pull down the lower eyelid, and use the opposite hand to pull up the upper eyelid. Similar to when inserting them, make sure to keep your eyes open and not inadvertently close them.


STEP 4: Gently pinch the lenses with your fingertips.

Form a "V" shape with the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand and gently pinch the lower part of the lens. Be cautious not to press too hard or touch them forcefully. When removing them, remember to do so gently and carefully as well.


STEP 5: Gently remove them by pinching. When you pinch the lower part of the lens, it will naturally come off from your eye. If they are daily disposable lenses, you can discard them right away. For bi-weekly or monthly disposable types, carefully clean both sides of the lens with specialized cleaning solution, then store them in a contact lens case after washing.

Summary: Feeling anxious when wearing color contact lenses for the first time is natural for everyone. However, by knowing the correct handling and rules to follow beforehand, color contact lenses can be a charming accessory that allows you to easily change your eye color and enjoy fashion. Nowadays, most lenses prioritize eye safety, and all products offered by krazyeyes4u are approved as medical devices in both Korea and Europe, providing peace of mind. For those considering using color contact lenses in the future, please acquire the correct knowledge and enjoy a comfortable life with color contacts!