In addition to costumes and wigs, colored contact lenses are indispensable for cosplay. However, there are many colors and designs available for cosplay contact lenses, and some people may not know how to choose the right ones.

So, this time, we will introduce how to choose cosplay contact lenses, recommended contact lenses by color, and precautions for use.


1.Points to Consider When Choosing Colored Contact Lenses for Cosplay

When choosing colored contact lenses for cosplay, it's important to consider the following points.

Color and Pigmentation

The most important aspect when selecting colored contact lenses for cosplay is the color and pigmentation.

First, carefully examine the eye color of the character you are cosplaying as. There are various shades available for colored contact lenses. For example, when considering blue lenses, you need to decide whether you want a vibrant blue, a clear blue, or a teal shade, paying attention to subtle nuances.

Next, check the pigmentation of the lenses in the product photos on the website. Since colored contact lenses blend with your natural eye color when worn, the lens color may not appear exactly as depicted on your eyes. Consider the pigmentation when making your purchase decision.


Rim and Diameter of Coloration

The presence or absence of a rim and the diameter of coloration significantly affect the impression when wearing colored contact lenses.

Lenses without a distinct rim and with a smaller diameter of coloration provide a natural and cool impression. These are suitable for male characters or female characters where you don't want to emphasize sweetness.

On the other hand, lenses with a clear rim and a larger diameter of coloration make the eyes appear distinctly cute. These are suitable for female or child characters.

Whether the lenses have a rim and the diameter of coloration are usually specified on the product page, so be sure to check them before making a purchase.



The design of colored contact lenses is crucial for expressing the attributes and personality of the character.

For characters with an idol-like image, lenses with sparkling designs are recommended. For characters with dark personalities or non-human characters, solid-colored lenses without intricate designs are preferred.

Lenses with radial designs and gradient effects provide a realistic impression, making them suitable for characters like students.

There are also special lenses available, such as sclera lenses that cover the entire eye including the whites, or lenses with designs like hearts or stars. These are perfect for horror-themed characters or Halloween costumes.



While it's important to choose colored contact lenses based on color and design to express your character, comfort should not be overlooked. During costume parties or large cosplay events, you may wear the lenses for an extended period, so if they are uncomfortable, it could make you feel unwell.

To select comfortable contact lenses, it's crucial to know your base curve (BC). Using lenses with the right BC can prevent discomfort and lens shifting. Aim for a BC that matches your eyes, with a tolerance of around ±0.2mm.


2. What are Cosplay Contact Lenses that Suit Me?

Here, we'll explain how to choose cosplay contact lenses that suit you best:


Matching with Your Personal Color Palette

When choosing contact lenses that suit you, it's important to consider your personal color palette.

For example, if you're cosplaying a character with red eyes and your skin tone is cool-toned (blue-based), you may find that darker shades of red blend well with your complexion. If your skin tone is warm-toned (yellow-based), opting for orange or gradient reds could be more flattering.

While it's essential to aim for a look that resembles the character, be mindful that contact lenses with a strong impression might overpower your overall appearance. Finding the right balance is key. Take these factors into account when making your selection.


Matching with the Character's Fashion

Matching your contact lenses with the character's hair color and skin tone is also crucial.

If you're wearing a wig with vibrant colors like pink or yellow, choosing brightly colored lenses with good pigmentation will make your eyes pop. Since characters have different skin tones, it's essential to select lenses accordingly. For fair skin, opt for lenses that enhance clarity, while for darker skin tones, natural-looking lenses are preferable.

By considering the character's hair color and skin tone, you can create a natural appearance without sacrificing the essence of cosplay.



When choosing colored contact lenses for cosplay, the key points to consider are the color and pigmentation that closely match the character's eyes, the rim and diameter of the lenses that suit the character's image, and the comfort of wearing them.

To select contact lenses that suit you for cosplay, it's important to consider your eye size and personal color palette, as well as factors like the character's hair color and skin tone.

Since colored contact lenses are classified as medical devices, it's essential to choose lenses with Certificate from government.

At, all our products carry CE certificates for Europe and meet ISO and KFDA standards for Korea. You can confidently enjoy our lenses, knowing they prioritize safety.