When you're buying contact lenses these days, you might hear terms like "high water content" and "low water content" a lot.

Basically, "high water content lenses" have over 50% water in them, while "low water content lenses" have less than 50%.

The amount of water in the lens affects how much moisture evaporates. The moisture that evaporates gets replaced by the moisture in your eyes (tears), so lenses with different water content feel different to wear.

So, if you have a lot of tears, dry eyes, or use eye drops often, you might need to choose lenses with the right water content for you to feel comfortable wearing them.

Characteristics of high water content lenses:

  • Their high moisture content makes them soft and easy to get used to when you put them in.
  • However, there is a downside: they can make your eyes dry out more easily.
This happens because the lenses absorb tears in an attempt to replace lost moisture, leading to less tear production and increased susceptibility to dry eyes.

Characteristics of low water content lenses:

  • Low water content lenses are made of materials that do not require much moisture, so they have a tendency to absorb less of the eye's moisture (tears), making them less likely to cause dryness.
  • They are recommended for people with dry eyes or those who wear contact lenses for extended periods.
  • When it comes to contact lenses recommended for dry eyes, the key point is often said to be the material being "low water content."


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